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Who we are

Propmasters Miami is a set production powerhouse, built upon a fundamental purpose: bringing our client's creative vision to life in the most efficient and professional way. Established in 1978 in South Florida, we are one of industry's top production hubs, creating over 150 projects for sets, props, special effect services and live events.

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Delivering vision

Innovation is the name of our work we are constantly evolving our design and production methods to achieve sound results that are cost and time-effective, based on the latest design and machinery technology.

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Master builders

Our team designs, produces, builds, ships and assembles high-end, modular scenery, that is both economical and technically sound - we offer structural components that can be transformed cosmetically to fit your creative width.

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We go further

Our team relishes on technological and methodological innovation; PropMasters will always provide services and products aligned with new forms of creativity and creation for the benefit of our costumers and R&D.

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Featured Projects
  • + 2012 //BUD LIGHT - BOOMBOX
  • + 2016 // Faena opening art forum basel
  • + 2018 // JLO - Train Tour
  • + 2020 // Telemundo Election Night
  • + 2018 // Telemundo National News
  • + 2021 // Univision National News
  • + 2014 // Wrestlemania XXX
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What the client says

... The Washington DC crew actually applauded when the plexiglass panels clicked into place like butter. After working on numerous productions they told me that they never assembled a set so expertly fabricated. Thank you so much for impressing me and this crew with excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail. I hope you take a look at the coverage today to see your work on air. Another job well done!

- Daniel, Creative Order, Telemundo

Featured article

Nbc 6 news studios

See us assemble the NBC 6 News Studio set in this time-lapse footage. Propmasters Miami assembles news and television sets in tight turnaround deadlines under 90 days

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