Setting the stage for global events

Propmasters Miami designs, builds, ships, and assembles high end scenery for commercials, trade show, live shows, news and sports sets. We Specialize in Live shows, Commercials, Music videos, TV shows, Trade shows, Props and Models. Propmasters owns a fleet of trucks and trailer available to transport scenery anywhere in the United States. Propmasters Miami are the largest scenery studio in southern Florida. Scenery Miami Propmasters Miami has 20,000 square feet of shop space with a complete shop for fabrication in wood, metal (steel and aluminum), or fiberglass. We own 3 CNC machine and the only VACUFORM machine south of Orlando.


...The Washington DC crew actually applauded when the plexiglass panels clicked into place like butter. After working on numerous productions they told me that they never assembled a set so expertly fabricated. Thank you so much for impressing me and this crew with excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail. I hope you take a look oat the coverage today to see your work on air. Another job well done!

- Daniel, Creative Order, Telemundo

NBC 6 News Studios

See us assemble the NBC 6 News Studio set in this time-lapse footage. Propmasters Miami assembles news and television sets in tight turnaround deadlines under 90 days.